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Welcome!  Quite often when I talk to contractors, I hear their frustration about jobs gone wrong using acid stains.  I feel their frustration because I, too, experienced sleepless nights from the disastrous and unpredictable results using acid stains.  Problems such as residue, final color, and chemical reactions can now be eliminated.  Creative Colors Concrete Dye was formulated to do away with the guesswork of your results. 

You can now relax...

Creative Colors Concrete Dye is a great alternative to acid staining and was formulated to give contractors and homeowners an opportunity to stain concrete with ease and confidence.  The dyes are of the highest quality on the market and are very easy to use.  

Each year, new ideas in the concrete industry are introduced and as always the price is often too high. The products you find on this site do the same thing the expensive dyes do only at a fraction of the cost. Try them and I guarantee you that you will never do an acid stain again.